Power Stretch

If you're looking for classes that will give you maximum gains in flexibility in the shortest possible time, our Power Stretch classes are for you.

Whether you're an athlete, a tradesman, a mum or an office worker, you will find Power Stretch challenging but immensely beneficial.

These classes are designed to improve flexibility and build core endurance, in order to avoid injury, and minimise the stiffness, aches and pains associated with sport, ageing and daily life.
Instructor Tim Barrett has worked as a fitness instructor for more than 30 years, and recognises that the only way to create change in the body is to go outside your comfort zone. These classes will take you there.
Classes focus on the areas of the body which most commonly present problems: the lower back, hips, neck and shoulders. We also stretch the forgotten tight zones: the arms, legs, and shoulder rotator cuff, and the deep postural muscles which are tight and potentially problematic in many of us.
Our other focus in the classes is to build core endurance to enable your core muscles to stay active whilst you're performing your daily tasks, either on the job, sitting at a computer, carrying children or driving a car.
In the nine weeks of classes, you will be taken on a journey that will show up your weak points and your tight areas and give you the techniques to remedy these.
Classes are lively and fun and are designed for people with no major injuries to enable them to stay injury free in our modern society.
Our Power Stretch Level 1 classes provide an introduction to Power Stretch and are suitable for beginners. Our Power Stretch Level 2 classes are for more advanced participants.




If you have an injury and want to know if the classes are suitable for you, email me on



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(All classes are 75-90 min)



Level 1

This is an introductory class in which you will learn the fundamentals of Power Stretch's contract/relax technique and how to apply this to the deep muscles of the lower back, hips, neck, shoulders and the spine. These classes are designed to strengthen and create balance in the core of the body. You will learn techniques to strengthen the deep abdominal muscles, the lower back and the pelvic floor (important for men as well as women).
You will achieve greater core strength and flexibility through all parts of the body, improved posture, improved pelvic floor tone and abdominal strength and techniques to treat and protect against back problems.

Level 2

This is a more challenging class which helps you further develop and maintain the strength and flexibility needed to be injury free in day-to-day life. It is appropriate for people with a good level of fitness, who are engaged in regular physical activity or have completed Level 1.



Reclaiming Wellness

This is an ongoing educational lecture series designed for people who are committed to creating health in their lives, presented by Tim Barrett.

This lecture series can be joined at any point and will be repeated 4 times throughout the year in conjunction with the school terms. This way weeks 5, 6, 7 & 8 can be done in one term and weeks 1, 2, 3 & 4 can be done in the following term.

Term 3 begins on July 27th

​Term 4 begins on October 12th

Week 1: Understanding Chronic Disease and Auto-Immunity

​Scientific evidence is showing us that many chronic diseases such as Alzheimer's, dementia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS, diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, heart disease and infertility are all based in an immune system dysfunction. Learn what the triggers for auto-immunity are so you can take steps to avoid oreven reverse some of these diseases.

​Week 2: The Gut and the Microbiome

​Learn about the microbiome - the trillions of bacteria in your gut - and how they have evolved with humans over many generations to create a symbiotic (life-enhancing) relationship with us that keeps us happy and healthy. Discover what you need to eat to promote good gut health and regulate your immune system.

Week 3: Stress and How to Manage It

​Stress is not inherently bad. It can be used as a guiding force in our life and can be decreased to help us cope with modern Western society. After many years of exploration with different styles of meditation, I have found a couple of practices that everyone can do!

​Week 4: Finding Emotional Balance

​By listening to our emotions we can find what we need in our lives, learn to create healthy boundaries and discover how to nourish ourselves from the inside out in order to create stability and calm. Presented by relationship coach, Angela Barrett from

​Week 5: Essential Body Maintenance.

​Our bodies were made to move. When we spend hours sitting, working on computers, driving cars and staring at down screens our body tightens and weakens in fairly predictable ways. By learning particular stretches and movement patterns we can continue to function well and be pain-free as we age.

Week 6: Relationship Upgrade

​Angela Barrett will help you discover how to be less reactive and more pro-active in relationships. You will learn essential concepts and skills  that will improve ALL of your relationships.

Week 7: Rejuvenation Through Sleep and Food

​Generally, as we age our quality of sleep deteriorates. Learn how to overcome the barriers to deep, rejuvenating sleep. You will also receive the knowledge to help you navigate the overload of information of what you should be eating. 

​Week 8: Vitality Creation

​Putting it all together, we look at practical steps to take do on a daily basis to move from symptom treatment (our current medical model) to Health Building and Vitality Creation so the symptoms stop occurring and so you can experience wellness for years to come. 



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