Health Issues

Tim has a comprehensive way of treating many health issues using a combination of effective techniques.

Achilles Problems

The Achilles is a thick and strong tendon that attaches the two calf muscles to the heel bone. Many Achilles problems originate from a problem with the calf muscles. With all tendon problems, my approach is to relax the muscles, which takes the pressure off the tendon and will usually heal within two or three days. Pain relief is generally felt straight away.





In Chinese medicine it is most often the pericardium (the sack around the heart) that, as it tightens, constricts the beating of the heart, leading to the tight feeling in the chest associated with anxiety and panic attacks. Acupuncture is very effective at releasing this constrained energy around the pericardium to reduce feelings of worry and anxiety. I can also teach clients a simple meditation technique so they can improve the condition themselves.

Back Pain

Studies have shown 61 per cent of people have bulging discs or vertebral pathologies that don't cause them any pain whatsoever. Muscular tightness and spasm is the most common source of lower back pain. If your pain has come on slowly over 12 or so hours, it is likely to be caused by tight muscles. It can often feel like it's more than just tight muscles, but if you've ever had a calf cramp and you can imagine that level of pain happening in your back, you can understand how muscular spasm can render you unable to even stand upright. My combination of stretching, massage and acupuncture is often the most effective remedy for this situation and gives almost immediate, long-lasting relief.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

This is a complicated scenario that can either be caused by a deficiency of Qi (energy) in the body or when energy is not being well distributed around the body. The focus of treatment is different in each case but the combination of acupuncture and massage is extremely beneficial in both cases.


Digestive problems

Bloating and wind pain are due to an imbalance in the intestinal flora, stemming from a disruption in the acidic balance in the gut. Acupuncture can restore the correct balance in the stomach and intestines, which not only digest our food but also help process our mental and emotional states. Our abdominal massage techniques can assist this processing, as can acupuncture.


A combination of acupuncture, massage and stretching are used to open the blood vessels into and out of the head, and to calm the nervous system to reduce brain stimulus.


A common form of insomnia is the type that has you lying awake around 2am with your mind racing. This is seen in Chinese medicine as a liver problem because this time of day is when the energy is predominant in the liver. This causes the liver to heat up and stimulate the part of the mind associated with planning. Acupuncture is very effective at treating this and I have adapted a simple yoga series that is very good at calming the Liver. General restlessness and vivid dreaming is more often associated with the Heart (the home of the Spirit). Again, acupuncture and an ancient tantric meditation technique I will teach you are very effective in treating this.

ITB Problems

The illiotibial band is a long tendon that joins a short hip muscle (tensor fasciae latae) to the outside of the knee. With all tendon problems, my approach is to relax the muscles, which takes the pressure off the tendon and will then usually heal within two or three days. Pain relief is generally felt straight away.

Menstrual Problems

Pain associated with the menstrual cycle is very effectively treated with acupuncture. I can help you understand why it happens and what you can do to minimise PMT in your next cycle.


Reflux is caused by the stomach energy moving in the wrong direction. Acupuncture is very good at correcting this, especially in babies.


Sciatica is often said to be caused by compression of the sciatic nerve at the level of the spine. In my experience, it is usually compression of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle in the hip that causes the problem. If your pain feels like a knife in your buttock, aching down the back of the thigh and some nerve sensation (tingling, numbness) below the knee, it's probably the piriformis that is the problem. A combination of stretching, massage and acupuncture is usually the most effective remedy for this situation and gives quick and long-lasting relief.

Sleep Disorders

Difficulty getting to sleep, waking repeatedly through the night, wide awake with the mind racing at 2.00am or not feeling rested after a nights sleep can all be treated effectively with a combination of acupuncture, yoga and meditation techniques.

Tennis Elbow/Golfers' Elbow

These injuries are caused by inflammation of the tendon (tendonitis) that attaches the muscles to the bone in the inside or outside of the elbow. With all tendon problems, including these two elbow injuries, my approach is to relax the muscles, which takes the pressure off the tendon and will then usually heal within two or three days. Pain relief is generally felt straight away.


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